National Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day is the nationally recognized day to highlight manufacturing in the Country. WPWA, WEDCO, the Chamber of the Northern Poconos and Northeast PA Industrial Resource Center sponsors a Manufacturing day Tour every October to highlight manufacturing in Wayne and Pike Counties. Photos and videos by Jess Wolk.

HRC Manufacturing’s vision is to provide a quality, cost effective service to their customers, while maintaining employment here in America for individuals with disabilities. Services they provide include:

Packaging: General packaging, Bagging, Re-packaging, Boxing, Cartoning, Kitting
Sealing: L-Sealing, Heat sealing, Shrink wrapping, Blister packaging
Machine Work: Light Machining, Drilling, Soldering, Pressing, Specialty Tooling
Assembly: Simple and complex hand assembly of both large and small parts.
Document Shredding: Fully Insured and Bonded, Confidential, Secure, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly, Pre-scheduled or as-needed service, Removal of Boxes, Signed documentation of destruction, Removal of paper clips/staples is not necessary, 32 gallon, lockable, security containers available
Shipping: Packing, Shipping, Mailing, Labeling, Sorting & Collating

Boyce Products is a custom contract furniture and fabrication company, which has been producing premium-quality products for over twenty years.  Boyce Products has experience with a broad range of materials and manufacturing processes that allow them to deliver a variety of products from developing custom workstations and conference tables to assembling modular wall systems and installing complete retail and broadcast environments. Integrated technology and the highest level of craftsmanship are just a few aspects of Boyce’s work. Boyce’s sophisticated manufacturing facility utilizes state-of-art equipment and processes that empower the company in every aspect of their work: design, engineering, estimating, fabrication and installation. The most important ingredient in Boyce’s success has been the skills, experience, and attitudes that their employees bring to bear on each project. The Boyce team includes experienced and enthusiastic artists, cabinetmakers, machinists, welders, stagehands, carpenters, draftspersons, clerks, and project managers. Boyce holds seven US patents for various products.

Moka Origins handcrafts the highest quality chocolate and coffee, procured direct from their own farm in Cameroon.  For Moka Origins it is about people coming together to create something good: coffee and chocolate in harmony with those who make it. The Moka team is a tight-knit global family, working to transform lives by promoting innovative farming techniques while giving their farmers opportunities for a sustainable livelihood. Moka Origins invests in sourcing the best beans from around the world and ensures that their direct-trade and growing partners uphold their ethical standards. Moka Origins hand sorts raw coffee beans ensuring that only the best beans make it to the roaster. Coffee roasts in micro batches, allowing for the perfect roast each time. Each coffee roast uses a unique customized roast profile, ensuring that each bean’s optimal flavors shine. Cacao for their chocolate bars roasts over a longer period of time and at a much lower temperature than coffee. This is to bring forward the exceptionally rich yet subtle flavors.

Stone grinding is where the real magic begins transforming raw cacao into exquisite chocolate. Stone grinders run for 20-30 hours per batch to refine the raw cacao nibs and organic cane sugar into delicious molten chocolate, which is cooled into large blocks. Tempering and Molding is the final stage of production and is vital in creating the perfect chocolate bar. Both an exact science and delicate art, tempering is the process of heating and cooling chocolate so that it crystallizes into a stable form.

Sutphen is in its 125th year of operation; making it, the oldest continuously owned and operated fire apparatus manufacturers in the country. Sutphen is a family owned and operated business and the “family” atmosphere is apparent. Sutphen’s mission is to build the safest, most reliable, fire apparatus in the World, through innovation and customer focus. Now on its fifth generation, the strength and stability of Sutphen Corporation is unquestionable. Sutphen continues to build quality fire apparatus while remaining true to its family owned traditions. Flexibility and innovation are key characteristics

at Sutphen Corporation.

Quality Printing and Design now offers many services produced on digital color and black and white printers. There is an ongoing need for many paper printed products, such as: brochures, direct mail pieces, business cards, invitations of all types, post cards, paper pads, sports booklets, music programs, artist note pads, posters, flyers, menus for the restaurant industry, labels for products in countless industries’, business forms, etc. In 2013, Quality Printing and Design now has new screen-printing equipment, keeping all services under one roof. In addition, products such as signs, banners, canvas art, tablecloths, and promotional products are available, enriching print services and offering variety of product to the customer. A key component to Quality Printing and Design is the design service. The company offers guidance and support to your design ideas, or offers a new start for your product. Design services are available in all media; such as paper products, signs of various material, banners, apparel, and even electronic files, affording services such as email blasts and website news. The company tag line reflects this unique design niche, “Experience the Art of Printing.”

Here and Now Brewery’s mission is to offer world-class beer for our hometown and whomever happens to be passing through. Here & Now Brewing wants to keep things fresh and exciting and give people a reason to come downtown. The group behind Here & Now has many friends who are farmers, and have profoundly diverse interests in food, beer, community, and culture. For Here & Now this is a way to bring everything together and drive economic growth in our hometown and region. Here & Now creates beers inspired by their surroundings and the ideas that float through their heads. They infuse local ingredients whenever possible into their beer and food. They have an off- site hop farm, and will work with local beekeepers for honey and farmers for unique ingredients. “We’re fiercely creative foragers in a way… everything from hops to fruits and herbs to hardwoods is fair game,” says Allaina Propst, owner.

As for the food, it is simple and well prepared. Think pizzas, pretzels, and other snacks made from spent grain; rolls, too, along with seasonal soups, and cheeses, pickled veggies, and charcuterie. They also offer delicacies as braised chicken leg served with red pepper risotto, and pizza that features melon, duck bacon, and goat cheese topped with salanova. Desserts include such treats as apple cake with caramel icing and peach panna cotta to the table.

STC Industries is a full service contract machine shop in Shohola, PA. No matter how exotic or routine the job is, you give STC a drawing and they will give you the finished part from processing to finishing. STC Industries specializes in CNC Milling and Turning and Complex 3, 4 and 5 axis machining.

STC Industries cater to are Aerospace and Defense, Medical, Industrial, Electronics and Communications, Architectural and Ornamental and Consumer Products.

High-tech machine at STC Industries, Shohola, PA

Fred and Paul Mutzek, owners of STC Industries, discuss the business of Machining and relocating their business from NYC to Pike County.

Ground Water Pool at Quarry

Leward’s Middle Creek Quarry in Hawley employs 25 workers and has 14 million tons of reserved stone. Part of the stone gets produced into Asphalt. Asphalt production begins with blasting, crushing and screening stone. Then stone, sand and liquid asphalt cement are mixed together with high heat. The Middle Creek Quarry uses recycled oil to run the Asphalt Plant and has used 180,000 gallons of recycled oil since the beginning of 2016. Since 2004 Leeward Asphalt has produced over 1,778,377 tons of Asphalt.

Rickard’s Cider Mill has been making delicious apple cider since 1929. They grind our own apples daily for the freshest cider available! Pumpkins, a variety of squash, gourds, apples, honey, maple syrup, maple candy and fall decorations are also available. The Mill is conveniently located on the corner of Schoolhouse Road and Owego Turnpike, stop in and check them out!


Calkins Creamery

Calkins Creamery


Calkins Creamery specializes in fine artisan cheeses, using only the freshest milk possible from their own herd of registered Holstein cattle. Calkins Creamery also sells meat from livestock they raise on the farm including grass fed beef and winter whey-fed pork. The pigs are whey-fed with supplemental feed from grazing and grain. The whey is a by-product of the creamery’s cheese making process which contributes to their sustainable agricultural goals. In addition to producing quality cheeses Calkins Creamery hopes their consumers will come to know where food is raised and manufactured.

 is a leading manufacturer of standard and custom:

  • Case Sealing Equipment
  • Case Formers and Erectors
  • Case Marking and Coding Equipment
  • Label Printer Application System
  • Integrated System with Hand Packing
  • Station for Pick and Pack Applications

Loveshaw is the leader in its field and holds the position of best in the industry!

New Wave Custom Woodworking in White Mills, is a leading manufacturer of custom high end furniture, furniture frames, cabinets, bar stools, turnings, hard carvings, drapery poles, finials, toys and wooden antique reproductions

New Wave Custom Woodworking

. New Wave Woodworking occupies a 55,000 square foot facility with over 24 full time employees. They currently have some of the most technologically advanced woodworking equipment the industry offers.

From simple sketches or a detailed CAD drawings, New Wave Woodworking can make a one of a kind custom piece and put that same piece into production the very same day. New Wave uses state of the art 3D laser scanners, virtual carving technology software and hardware, CNC Routers with 4th axis capabilities, and a 10 spindle CNC carving machine.

Estemerwalt has been manufacturing the finest in wood products for 130 years and through five generations. Every log, every piece of siding, every timber, every piece of tongue and groove, and nearly every wood surface for an Estemerwalt home was sawn, dried and manufactured right here in Wayne County!




Ice Works is the largest manufacturer of sculpting ice in all of North America. Mark Crouthamel, President and Owner, invented the process for making the clearest ice ever. The Ice Sculpting business requires many skills including CNC Machine operation and Computer Aided Design.