The Stourbridge Project

The Stourbridge Project can simply be a new place to work in Wayne County or it can be much, much more. At the heart of this endeavor is a community willing to build its future, support its young professionals, and foster “home grown” businesses.

The Stourbridge Project is a community-based initiative to transform the former Stourbridge Elementary School in Honesdale into a business incubator / accelerator with coworking space. Wayne County has a strong entrepreneurial culture, yet we have lacked a facility dedicated to nurturing business start-ups and building a future for our young professionals.

The Stourbridge Project pairs a place to work with coordinated delivery of business development services. Entrepreneurs will connect to experienced mentors, educators, training programs, resources, and our business community. The goal is to create new jobs, increased commerce, investment opportunities, a connection to emerging technologies, and local businesses.

A major component of the project is developing a local Professional Network that will share talent and experience, offer a training program or individual mentoring, participate in a speaker series or panel discussion or similar activity. Perhaps you are savvy in online marketing or an expert in interviewing and selecting employees, maybe financial management is your field, or public relations. Think of what you can offer to a new business venture or entrepreneur and become a member of the network. Please complete the form below. For more information, contact Wayne Pike Workforce Alliance at 570-390-7613.